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There’s a lot of great sounding products on the Internet, but you can’t help but wonder, “Can I trust them to deliver what was promised in the sales letter? Will I get ripped-off, or is this really a good deal?”... Well over 1,000 Internet Marketers decided to get together and finally do something about it.

"Introducing the First Ever Website Dedicated to 100% User-Based Ratings of Internet Marketing Products and Services, Created By Marketers, For Marketers!"

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

That's right ...over 1,000 Internet marketers (gurus and newbies and everyone in between) decided that something had to be done!! We were living in the dark ages when it came to getting user-based feedback and information about the hundreds of Internet marketing products available online. With more coming out every day who could possibly keep up? Buying this, buying that... many times wasting our hard-earned money based on sales pitches that failed to live up to promises.

We were all asking the same question: "Why isn't there someplace we could go to get reviews of Internet marketing products by those who have actually purchased and used them?"

"...Now there is a place you can go, a safe place."

Over 1,000 Associate Editors and real people, just like you, review and rate Internet marketing services and products they've purchased and used. Products being reviewed by real users, like you, fall into many categories such as:

  • Courses and Seminars
  • Software Products (Desktop and Server Side)
  • Membership Sites
  • Ebooks
  • Free Resources
  • MLM/Network Marketing
  • 3rd Party Payment Processors
  • Automation Tools
  • Forums and Discussion Boards
  • Hosting Services
  • and much more...

And you can rate the person actually doing the review to keep them honest. Users also can 'report' reviews they feel are in bad taste or full of you know what so they get deleted fast...

And if you don't see a product listed that you'd like to review or be reviewed, you can always "suggest" a product using the easy to find links inside the site...

In addition, since we are striving to be the most objective source on the Internet for real user ratings on Internet marketing products and services we decided to make RatingsHub an AD-FREE website. So there are...

  • ... NO AdSense™ ads,
  • ... NO Yahoo!™ ads,
  • ... NO MSN™ ads,
  • ... NO Affiliate Links (in reviews or on the site),
  • ... NO In-Your-Face Marketing Gimmicks or Tricks,
  • ... NO Upsells, No One Time Offer's (OTO) and Nothing to Buy,
  • ... NO Ads Period.

And it's 100% totally free to join.

Finally, a safe harbour for all Internet marketers (newbies and experienced alike) to get together and review what they have bought based on their own personal experience with the product.

"RatingsHub is a site that gives you real user experiences that helps you make critical decisions about which Internet marketing products live up to their promises and which don't BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money...

... it's as simple as that."

We set this site up as a totally free service to the IM community.

Our free RatingsHub Internet Marketing Review newsletter (which you can un-subscribe from at any time) gives you updates about the hottest new products being rated on the site as well as 'inside' information on really excellent products that you will never see anywhere else as well as tips and advice that will help you make more money online! With over 1,000 Associate Editors, there isn't much we have not seen online and we share all the insider details of how to manage, grow and profit from your online business and in ways you probably have never seen before!

There just isn't a better way for you to research products and services -- BEFORE -- making a purchase, than RatingsHub. Period. It's the one site you'll bookmark, come back to and probably want to make your browsers home page... it's that valuable.

And with a subscription to our free newsletter by email, Ratingshub Review, you'll always have the same 'inside' information that only Internet marketing insiders were privileged to, until now...

To access all the benefits of this remarkable Internet marketing resource, just sign-up for our free newsletter RatingsHub Review, then you'll be given access to the RatingsHub Review site where you can start reading reviews and find out which products deliver on their promises and which one's don't. It's that easy.

"Don't stay in the dark, get the facts before you spend your hard-earned money on another Internet marketing product."

What are people saying so far about RatingsHub?

I am so glad to see the RatingsHub online, it is so needed. I have been looking for a great online program but with all the scams and half truths on line I did not know who to trust! Well, now I have found a place to go that gives me honest reviews and pertinent details of the programs I am interested in. I have saved a lot of time and money. Thanks for offering the RatingsHub!

Jim Furr, from Virginia, USA.

Finally, a chance to get the real lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of internet marketing products. If you’ve been a victim to a well written sales letter only to find out later that the product you bought didn’t live up to the promises then this is the site for you. allows you to get feedback from real people on what internet marketing products they’ve used themselves and what they really thought of them. Before you spend anymore money on internet marketing products or the next possible money making system - find out what other users really think of it.

This is a really refreshing site - its good to get real honest answers for a change.

Garnett Johnston
United Kingdom

Wow RatingsHub truly is a diamond in the rough when it comes to internet marketing. For years I have been marketing on the internet and everytime I see a sales pages naturally I get defensive and skeptical, always questioning whether the product or service being promoted can do what it says.

Here at I feel very good knowing I can come here and read unbiased reviews about all sorts of internet marketing related products from hosting companies to software automation tools. I wish this site was around for the past fews years to help me make smarter buying decisions on all the internet marketing products I have bought. But I am extremely thankful it is here now, this site can be of great use to anyone who is looking to make money online and wants to be honestly steered in the right direction. Keep up the great work!

Steve B, FL

Through the years I have come to trust the better known review sites and testing agencies, before I make a major purchase. I have had to trust only the written advertisements though when it comes to internet marketing products. Some have been good purchases, some very hard to use, some were just plain worthless.

I like everyone else have had to take the bad with the good. Now that seems to have changed. I found and on this site I have already learned many valuable lessons and been able to save hundreds of dollars. I now know who to trust and who not to. This we have needed for a long time. I say thank you to RatingsHub simply for existing. This is great!

Randy S., from Texas,


I have been around the Internet for many years now and have yet to find a place to get the straight scoop about IM products and services. Until I found Ratings Hub!

I am so excited to finally find a site that is willing to give me the no holds barred, straight to the point information that I need to make the right choice. Now I don’t have to worry about spending my hard earned money on junk anymore.

Something like Ratings Hub is long overdue.


John Burnette, from FL,

On the verge of being swept away by a tsunami of Internet Marketing HYPE, the RatingsHub has pulled me back from the virtual undertow!

It’s so difficult, as a beginner on the Web, to discern that thin line of honesty between all the noise & hustle of “BUY HERE NOW…GET IT WHILE ITS HOT”. You really feel like “Sucker” is stamped all over you with indelible ink!

To finally find a Clean site, with absolutely No hype & no hidden agenda, that provides honest input about products of interest, is a remarkable breath of fresh air in this polluted internet environment.

Thank you, Mr. Vallieres, for giving the “little guy” an opportunity to voice our opinions on what works for us…& what totally Doesn’t!

Rosemary C., Rome, NY
I cannot tell you how happy I am that I have a site where I can get unbiased reviews of products. I have spent way too much money on programs that haven’t worked as advertised and have felt ignorant and angry that my small business budget has been wasted.

Now I can come to RatingsHub and get REAL information from real people, not be sucked in by the emotional hype of a sales letter. Thank you for levelling the playing field.

This site has been a long time coming, and I am truly grateful that it has finally arrived.


Sarah A.
Fort Collins, CO

Knowing where to turn and who to trust has been a major issue of mine. discerns between the scams, poor quality software and the very useful & needed software I have been forever looking for. You can bet I’ll be using RatingsHub almost daily to research the different products I am interested in…. I’m finally able to get useful details and candid information on each program before I purchase it - without all of the hype.

I just want to say “Thank You” for the insight has brought to me already!

Jeanie S.
Stow, OH

Wow, Dave, fills such a huge need in the internet marketing community!

Honest, consumer reviews of IM products that help others sort through and find the gems amidst all the crap.

I have personally discovered exellent products I didn’t even know existed. I can now invest my education dollars wisely instead of blindly hoping I’m not throwing them away.

What a wonderful thing you have given us!

Terry Goodmann

At long last!

Somewhere to get TOTALLY unbiased reviews on I.M. products. Already, I have saved money by reading about a product that I was tempted to buy. However, the review pointed out a few things that made me realise it was not for me. It has also opened my eyes to some of the good stuff around. RatingsHub is the place to come to BEFORE you get your wallet out. And not an advert to be seen! So refreshing these days.

Thank you.
Lyn Sandoz

I’m really excited about ratingshub. I’m new to this world of internet marketing and have realized how hard it is to get real unbiased information on products and services. It seems that there’s great salescopy out there and tons of hype for products and services that just aren’t that good. I have, like many others, bought into the hype and have had some major disappointments.

This site is excellent. I have been able to get other peoples unbiased reviews on products and services, so I can make an informed decision (I wish I new about this site before I made some of my purchases) and stay away from a lot of scams lurking about on the online world.

In fact, I was ready to join a program and luckily I read some reviews on it. I feel I saved myself some time, money and frustration staying clear from it.

I also like the fact that I can post reviews and help others know what’s good and not so good.

I’d say the major benefit for me coming to this site is I’ve learned about so many products and services that I never even knew about. What a wealth of information. I’ll be coming back to this site often to learn and also before I make any buying decisions.

Thanks for an honest, unbiased, informative site.

Dennis S., from CA ,

It’s tough getting the straight scoop on digital products these days. You can’t be sure if the testimonials on the site are real and most of the “review” sites out there are selling the products they are reviewing. It’s great to have a resource where you can get real feedback from real users.

RatingsHub has helped me avoid costly mistakes by steering me clear of information that doesn’t delivery what it touts. I also have found some great products I hadn’t heard about.

Keep Up the Great Job RatingsHub!

Daniel Baker from Wisconsin

NO affiliate links allowed, NO adsense, NO nonsense!

Real reviews, real people, 100% user-driven!

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