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Are you looking for a proofreader? Stop searching…

I was good enough to edit texts in a "dead language" (Latin,) so you bet English is my “Forte!” Plus, you just found someone you can trust for your Internet Marketing work.

I must admit that without the help of Joe there would be no TurboZine today… Or at least, my subscribers would have a very hard time reading my newsletter - especially the first issues. You see, the point when working with Joe is that not only do you get your text back on time and with the confidence that it’s 100% correct, but you also improve your writing skills. Because Joe cares & teaches you what the error was… Moreover, Joe is one of the 5 people I can trust in this world – over the Globe.

John Delavera

Hi, my name is Joe Chengery III.

Have you ever written something, looked back over it, and wondered…

“What the heck did I just write?”

Have you ever printed something you’ve written and found out how awkward your text was?

Perhaps, you make errors in your writing, such as forgetting a word, misspelling a word, or substituting a personal pronoun (i.e. “its”) for a contraction (i.e. “it’s.”)

Do you have the feeling that you’ve not expressed yourself clearly enough to get your points across?

Or, if your native language is not English… how can you be sure that what you’re writing is correct and understood by your readers?

I have revised 98 128 issues – more than 2,500 pages – of John Delavera’s TurboZine, and still counting. If this is not enough for choosing me as your proofreader, what else could be?

Hello Joe, Thanks for you great and fast service.

Gabor Olah

Yes, I can proofread your newsletter, ebook, or any other written work – especially when “Internet Marketing” is the subject. And you don’t have to doubt about the quality of your work any more.

One of my clients is Mr. John Delavera, a well-respected Internet Marketer, who has created many Internet Marketing products and has written 128 issues of his TurboZine Newsletter. I have proofread, edited, and revised parts of ALL issues!

You read what he says about my work.

Please do not confuse proofreading and proof editing with spell checking…

You can use the built in Spell Checker in Microsoft® Word®, yes…
The problem is that, word processing spellcheckers don’t always catch the MEANING of your work…

Spell Checkers are just … Robots. :)

They do not catch mistakes, whether it’s due to not noticing that a contraction should be in the sentence instead of a personal pronoun, not noticing that you left out an important phrase you wanted to include in describing your product or service, or not noticing that you aren’t clearly expressing the points you want to get across to your website visitors.

You know that proofreading is time-consuming and not the most exciting activity in the world. I know you know it. But I love it -- do you know why?

Because I am the absolute controller of the text I read.

Hi Joe,

I must say that working with you was great.

The quality of the articles were outstanding and all mentioned facts checked out. In the past I've worked together with other writers, but they never derived this quality. Another strong point is that you never assume anything and always ask, this leaves little room for misunderstanding. The best thing is that you make a real effort to think the topics through with me which result in better articles. All your knowledge and experience as a writer really helped me re-think the topics and the audience and made the articles even better than I had in mind.

I hope that you will always have time in your schedule to write for me!

Bryan Wong

I can be your unbiased eye.

You see, the problem when you’re trying to proofread YOUR text is that you are too familiar with your writing, which will often cause you to read “what is in your mind” and to get ahead of yourself when reading the words on your computer screen, usually resulting in overlooking errors that are there.

You can avoid this by asking your friends to proofread your writing for you…

Are you sure they really want to criticize your writing?

Are you sure they can tell you if you’re not quite clear in describing your product or service?

Plus, will they be thrilled with you for asking them to do an important, but unexciting, activity? :)

Do not forget:

Your writing must be as clear and concise as possible to help you bring in the most sales.

What can you do for this?

You can hire me!

Not only because I can proofread your work, but especially because you can trust me.

As mentioned above, Mr. Delavera is the INVENTOR of many UNIQUE ideas of ebooks, scripts, and software… Do you think he would continue working with me if I had ever stolen an idea, used any of his words, or taken anything from him? Nah…

That’s the service offered through this page.

Excellent proofreading by an expert you can trust -- at affordable prices.

Plus: Article writing and blog posting on any Internet Marketing subject.

Services                                             Prices

Proof-editing ebooks, reports                 $3.00/300 words (1 page)

Proof-editing articles (up to 500 words)   $5.00

Proof-editing articles (up to 700 words)   $7.00

Proof-editing articles (up to 1000 words) $10.00

Rewrite articles (up to 500 words)           $7.00

Rewrite articles (up to 700 words)           $8.50

Rewrite articles (up to 1000 words)         $10.00

Write new articles (up to 500 words)       $8.00

Write new articles (up to 700 words)       $9.50

Write new articles (up to 1,000 words)    $11.50

Blog posting                                          $0.01/word

Just send your document to this email address ONLY and I’ll contact you for the details.

You’ll pay me ONLY after you’re 100% satisfied by my work.
That’s not a guarantee. It’s a personal promise.

To Your Online Success,
Joe Chengery III